'tis the summer of rooftop parties, happy hours and writing an album.  I feel extremely blessed to be 21 and graduated with huge opportunities.  I'm working a full-time job that I love with people I look forward to seeing every morning.  Also, I have time and means to work on my music project, Native Slang.  The only downside to being so busy is that I can't keep up on things like blogging as well as I did before.

Here are a few images I shot for Exponent’s Alumni Rooftop Party last week.  Exponent is the PR side of where I work (Colle+McVoy).  We have all been working on Exponent’s new website which just launched.  I highly suggest everyone takes a look at it as we are all very proud of how it turned out.


More photos from the event can be found on the Exponent Facebook page…